Please feel free to contact me by the method you feel most comfortable with.

If you call me please bear in mind that it may go to my voicemail service (I may be with a client), but don't give up keep trying!    If you would like me to call you back please leave you name, number and a convenient time to call you.  When I call back I will ask who I am speaking to, if it is not you I will leave my name but will not give a reason for the call.  Unless you specifically ask me to I will not leave a message on a land line number, but I will leave a message on a mobile number as I will presume that number is personal to you (unless you tell me otherwise).  This may seem a little confusing but clients often prefer to keep the fact they are having counselling confidential.

E-mail Address

Central England Counselling

8 Stourbridge Rd.



B61 9LS


01527 579193


07973 500180