The ‘Counselling Contract’ between:

Ken Beckett                                          ‘The Counsellor’

8 Stourbridge Rd
B61 9LS

07973 500180

_______________________                      ‘The Client’

Made on the:        /       / 201

The Counsellor and Client agree that:

The sessions will take place at 8 Stourbridge Rd, Fairfield, Bromsgrove Worcestershire, B61 9LS.

Each counselling session will last between 55 and 65 minutes (with an intended average of 60 minutes), at the discretion of the counsellor.

The counselling will be open ended (not limited to a specific number of sessions) and will be periodically reviewed by the client and counsellor, to assess and agree that it is of benefit to the client.

Each session will start at the agreed/booked time. If the client is late, the appointment length can only be extended beyond the original agreed end time at the discretion, good will and availability of the counsellor.

Cancellation by the client:

The client agrees to give the counsellor as much notice as possible if the need to cancel arises.  Two cancellations in a row by the client will deemed to have broken any contract or commitment (legal or ethical) the counsellor has to the client, and the counsellor will have the right to refuse any further bookings by the client.

Cancellation by the counsellor:

The counsellor will aim to give the client as much notice as possible of any holidays or illness that might prevent them from being available at the time/day of the scheduled session. The counsellor will try to offer an alternative arrangement.

The counsellor reserves the right to cancel or curtail a session if the client appears to be unduly under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

The counsellor is a member of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists and will work within their ethical framework.

Confidentiality – Sessions between the Client & Counsellor are confidential, with the following exceptions:

If the counsellor believes that there is the possibility of serious self-harm by the client.

If the counsellor believes that there is the possibility or serious harm to others by the actions of the client.

Where the counsellor has a legal obligation to report information to the appropriate authorities including but not exclusively: acts of child abuse, terrorism and money laundering

When ordered to do so by a court of law.

As a member of the BACP a counsellor is bound by its Code of Ethics and Good Practice and therefore has the responsibility to work under regular supervision, this means sharing and discussing some of the content of sessions with a qualified supervisor.  This will always be under a confidential and professional framework.

Whenever possible confidentiality will not be broken without first discussing the issue with the client.

Records – Brief written ‘session notes’ may be kept by the counsellor.

They will be kept in a secure place, and separate from any names/contact details (notes and names/contact details will be linked by a code system known only to the counsellor).  In the event of the counsellor’s death they will be destroyed (by the counsellor’s supervisor) otherwise they will routinely be destroyed after two years.  Client’s personal details and notes will NEVER be passed to a 3rd party unless specifically requested by the client or demanded by a court of law.    

Contact outside of sessions

Routine:  for routine contact between sessions (e.g. cancellation due to illness) the client agrees that he may be contacted by the following method: …

In an emergency:  In an emergency situation or in what the counsellor believes to be one (e.g. the client becomes unwell during a session or the counsellor believes they may be about to commit serious harm to themselves) the client agrees that the following person may be contacted (this is a negotiable condition and may be left blank)

Fees: The cost of each session will be £ 40 this will remain fixed for the duration of the counselling and will not rise.  The client will pay the fee immediately before or after each session.  The counsellor is under no obligation to continue the counselling sessions if the fee is not paid.

Other mutually agreed conditions (this may be left blank): ...

The focus of the work will be as agreed verbally between client and counsellor or as outlined below  (this may be left blank): ...

The client agrees to supply their full name and address for the purpose of the counsellors records:



On signing this contract I agree that I have read, understand and agree to the above conditions.

Client’s signature:                                                            Date:

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Counsellors signature                                                      Date:

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