If you have found this site then perhaps there is something in your life causing you concern? If so some of the questions running through your mind may be ... Will counselling help?  What sort of counselling?  Which Counsellor? ... Please feel free to look around my site and hopefully it may help you answer some of your questions.

About counselling

On this page: you will find more information on counselling, the various approaches to counselling and some of the reasons people choose to have counselling.


On this page: you will find answers for some of the most frequently asked questions about counselling and some of the practical issues of Internet Counselling.

Welcome to ...

Central England Counselling

This is the site of KEN BECKETT, a BACP registered counsellor located In BROMSGROVE.

I offer traditional Face to Face Counselling, Email Counselling and Live Online Counselling.

The Next Step

This is the page to go to if you decide counselling is for you and I am the counsellor you would like to see. It will give you a little more information on how we would work together and help you book your first session.

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